Peter O'Shaughnessy

Web developer advocate at Samsung

Talk: The Samsung Internet Story: Why Samsung Made a Web Browser

As the third most used mobile web browser in Europe according to StatCounter, Samsung Internet is “the biggest browser you’ve probably never heard of!”. This is the story of why we are developing our own browser and contributing into the open source Chromium project. Plus the web technologies we’re most excited about and how we want to help push the web forwards. This talk will reveal the behind-the-scenes history of the browser and what it means for web developers. It will also touch on the wider themes of browser diversity and the rise of the “Chromia” - multiple browsers based on Chromium.

I'm a web developer advocate at Samsung - part of the team focused on our web browser, the imaginatively titled 'Samsung Internet'! I help to share the latest possibilities for web apps by coding demos, writing articles and speaking. Previously I was a full stack developer back before “full stack” was a thing, gradually focusing more on the front-end as browsers grew more advanced. In Pearson's Future Technologies team, I helped the world's biggest education company to innovate with new web and native technologies. At pebble {code} I led the development of a hybrid Bluetooth app for a global logistics company. But my biggest tech love is the web - I got very excited about HTML5 around 2010 and I've been mostly geeking out about web APIs ever since!

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