Henrik Joreteg

Henrik Joreteg is a JavaScript developer, author, speaker, and educator.

Talk: Keynote: Betting on The Web

For the good part of a a decade I’ve been building mobile web apps. I’ll explain why I believe, more than ever, that the web is the future of mobile and IoT.

Henrik Joreteg is a JavaScript developer, consultant, author, speaker, and educator.

He does independent contracting heavily focused on building Progressive Web Apps with tools like Redux and React/Preact. Currently he's working with Starbucks; before that Groove, Microsoft, and others.

Henrik is a huge proponent of the web as a mobile app platform and wants to help developers push it to the next level. To that end, you may have seen his blog posts on topics such as abandoning iOS for the sake of the web or installng web apps or seen some of his talks, such as this one on pocket-sized JavaScript. He has also taught workshops for Frontend Masters and O'Reilly, co-developed the Ampersand.js framework, authored Human JavaScript, created, and has open sourced libraries such as SimpleWebRTC, hjs-webpack, and many others.

You can follow him on Twitter at @HenrikJoreteg or keep an eye out for his posts at

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