About ColdFront

We started ColdFront back in 2014 to flourish the front-end community and to put Copenhagen the global front-end map.

Back in 2014 we had travel to other major european cities such as Amsterdam, London, Berlin, London, New York and San Francisco to be a part of our global front-end community, but with ColdFront we changed that.

ColdFront is a conference for front-end developers who are passionate about building user experiences with the latest and most relevant technologies. Over the past years the term “front-end” has transitioned from meaning building experiences for the web, to be covering a broad span of platforms, devices and runtimes.

ColdFront is a conference that aims to be at the forefront of technology curve by providing inspirational content about tomorrow's challenges and technologies.

Our format

ColdFront is a single-track conference, and a ColdFront talk is maximum 45 minutes long. After each 2 session block, a 15 min break will follow to allow attendees to stretch their legs.

Our principles and manifest

To guide the content for ColdFront we have outlined the following principles that helps us decide what content that is relevant for the conference.

Why instead of how

We want to hear talks that focuses on the “why” instead of the practical “how”. By this we mean that we would rather hear a talk that provides the reasons and perspective on a given technology or framework, than the “how to” on how to use the technology or framework.

Perspective over tutorials

We want talks that provides perspective, new ways of thinking, and puts today’s landscape into the perspective of tomorrow. If the content can be read in a tutorial, it’s not a ColdFront talk.

Technologies and trends

  • Web platform / browsers / W3C / WHATWG / runtimes
  • React / VueJS / Modern front-end frameworks
  • React Native / NativeScript / Platforms for native apps using web technology
  • CSS / Precompilers / Abstractions for UI styling
  • Animations / ways to bring life to front-end experiences
  • Tooling / productivity / workflows / production learnings / war stories
  • Devices / form factors / IoT / emerging markets
  • Human aspects of software development / management / process
  • Music / arts / creative coding / design

ColdFront is organized by

Kenneth Auchenberg

Kenneth is a Program Manager at Microsoft and lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he leads the next generation of web developer tooling. He's a Global Shaper for Word Economic Forum, serves on multiple advisory boards, and co-founded ColdFront in 2014.

Michael Christiansen

Joined ColdFront as co-organizer in 2017. Besides Michael is co-founder of Design Matters focusing on digital design, Medlemsorganisation a danish knowledge helping with digital transformation and finally Indie vid & co organizing and searching for independent knowledged.

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